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MEDpicker RX is an application that calculates drug metabolic rate deviations from expected values caused by drug-drug and drug-genotype interactions. It’s intelligent algorithm calculates drug and genotype interactions, and presents best drug choices. Try this interactive Demo to see how it works!


To get started, press on User Profile icon, then type in User’s name.

You may now select one of six Metabolizer Phenotypes available.

Pressing on the Pick Meds button will show Metabolizer Phenotype effects on antidepressant medications. Columns higher than 0.2 indicate  increased side effects. Negative columns indicate loss of effectiveness.

If your patient is already taking medications, press on  Add Meds button and select medications the patient is taking. Go back to Pick Meds  to select your drug.

It’s so simple!

You may be required to sign into MEDpicker RX using third party (such as Google, Dropbox, Box, SmartSheet or Office36) credentials again. These steps are removed from a purchased version.


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MEDpicker RX Makes Medication Selection Easy And Saves Prescriber Time.



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